Pentalateral Energy Forum



November 2017 

Pentalateral Energy Forum & European Commission – Workshop on flexibility

The Penta SG3 on Flexibility and DG ENER of the European Commission organised a workshop on the 20th of November, to hear the views from the practical experiences of R&D&I projects on barriers to flexibility. The aim of the meeting was to learn from some key projects what they identify as barriers to deploying flexibility, and to see how ongoing projects, as wal as the projects called for in the Horizon2020 work programme, can help the Pentalateral Forum in its future work. 

“What can be learned from R&I projects on barriers to the deployment of flexibility in the electricity grid?”

Welcome & introduction


Walter Schlegel (co-chair Penta SG3, Swiss ministry of energy)

Mark van Stiphout (European Commission, DG ENER)

Overview of ongoing R&I projects in Europe

TSO-DSO cooperation issues & solutions for distribution grid congestion management

Leonardo Meeus (Vlerick Business School)



Presentation of projects (Part I)




Gianluigi Migliavacca (RSE SpA)

Marco Rossi (RSE SpA)


Rowena McCappin (Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation)



Presentation of projects (Part II)

Integrid & Upgrid

Empower & Invade

Pedro Godinho Matos (EDP)


Joseph Negreira (Smart Innovation Norway)


Feedback, guided discussion & outlook to future work

Next steps in Horizon2020

Application and evaluation process for Horizon 2020

Mark van Stiphout (EC) 

M. Van Spinthout.jpg

Robert Goodchild (INEA)



Conclusions and next steps



June 2017


March 2017

June 2016 

Pentalateral Energy Forum accelerates the process to put regional cooperation into practice

The Luxembourg Presidency of the Benelux Union hosted on the 6th of June a meeting on regional energy cooperation with Director Generals for Energy from the Pentalateral Energy Forum (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg,  Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland) in order to discuss the progress achieved so far and to decide on the next steps to further integrate electricity markets and to develop common approaches in guaranteeing the security of supply. Particular attention was paid to flexible market design. Link to Press Release

-       Penta Directors General Conclusions

-       Penta Technical Background Paper Demand Side Response

-       Penta Technical Background Paper Balancing

-       Penta Technical Background Paper Intraday

June 2015

Pentalateral Energy Success Story Continues/Pentalateral Energy Forum Celebrating 10 years anniversary


- press release (8 June 2015)

- Second Political Declaration of the Pentalateral Energy Forum ( 8 June 2015)

- Joint Declaration for Regional Cooperation on Security of Electricity Supply in the Framework of  the Internal Energy Market (8 June 2015)




The Pentalateral Energy Forum is the framework for regional cooperation in Central Western Europe (BENELUX-DE-FR-AT-CH) towards improved electricity market integration and security of supply. The Ministers for Energy of the pentalateral countries meet regularly in order to discuss energy policy matters and give guidance to this regional cooperation. The initiative aims to give political backing to a process of regional integration towards a European energy market.This cooperation is formalized trough the Memorandum of Understanding of the Pentalateral Energy Forum, signed on the 6th of June 2007 in Luxembourg.

The added value of this regional cooperation between Ministries, Transmission System Operators (TSOs), the European Commission, Regulatory authorities and the Market Parties Platform, lies in its ability to move faster, to reach more specific recommendations and to act as a development center for new ideas. In the Political Declaration of the Pentalateral Energy Forum of 7 June 2014, the Ministers of Energy requested a first Publication of the Pentalateral Generation Adequacy Assessment ; which was delivered 11 March 2015. The Ministries and the TSO’s of the Pentalateral region each made a common statement on this occasion: 

-Common statement Ministries

-Common statement  TSO's


The Pentalateral Energy Forum is subdivided in so-called Support Groups, covering work on market integration (SG1) and on security of supply (SG2). Support Groups on legal obstacles (SG3) and on ETS (SG4) are currently on hold. Representatives from the ministries of energy, the Penta Coordinators, chair the Support Group meetings and coordinate within their country. Together with the Directors General for energy, they prepare the meetings of the ministers.


The Benelux General Secretariat facilitates this cooperation. It offers the neutral platform for cooperation of the Pentalateral Energy Forum and manages the daily functioning of this regional cooperation.

For more information regarding the Benelux General Secretariat:
Frederik Deloof - +32 25 19 38 23


The priorities of the Pentalateral cooperation have been defined in the Memorandum of Understanding of the Pentalateral Energy Forum in 2007. Both on market integration and security of supply, an Annex of the MoU details the action plan. Link to MoU 2007

In 2013, ministers renewed the mandate, putting more emphasis on a regional approach to security of supply and short term market integration.  Link to Political Declaration 2013