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The Benelux Union continues to consistently push for digitalisation. Data security plays a central role in this, based on a balanced mix of innovation and confidentiality.

Digitalisation is the basis for tomorrow’s world in terms of transport, mobility, infrastructure, and for everyday economic and social life. The Benelux countries are no exception. For that reason, we are encouraging the development of 5G networks and the creation of a ‘digital twin’ of the road network among other things.

Digital twin of the Benelux road network

The road infrastructure in the Benelux needs constant maintenance. From that perspective, a ‘digital twin’ acts as a very useful tool for the road authorities. A digital twin is a dynamic data model that simulates the state of cross-border road infrastructure in the Benelux countries. This model specifically focuses on:

  • the rollout of charging infrastructure
  • the exchange of information about maintenance works
  • the availability of parking spaces for HGVs

Uninterrupted 5G coverage across our borders

Another key issue for the Benelux countries is the creation of a seamless cross-border 5G network. And with good reason: technical standardisation across the territory and uninterrupted transmission of 5G signal across borders are essential to support a wide range of innovations in the long term, in the context of connected and autonomous mobility, for example.

All consignment notes via a single access code

In freight transport, the consignment note is the document that serves as the connection between the road haulier, the shipper and the freight forwarder. The information on the consignment note is extremely important and must be accessible to inspectors at all times. To simplify this procedure, the Benelux countries have launched an electronic consignment note project. During phase II of this Benelux project, a common access point will be developed that will allow inspectors to access all digital waybills for an HGV via a unique code.

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