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Cooperation between the crisis centres of the Benelux countries is essential to ensure we can deal with a multitude of potential risks and crises. It should come as no surprise then that crisis prevention and management are essential cornerstones of the Benelux partnership.

This is because our societies are exposed to a wide range of risks and potential disasters, all of which can have serious consequences for people, society and the environment. The recent coronavirus pandemic alarmingly demonstrated how novel and unpredictable these crises can be. Close cooperation between the three Benelux countries can once again have a positive impact in this field.

Preventing risks and anticipating unforeseen emergencies

The Benelux countries put the wellbeing and safety of their citizens at the centre of everything they do. As such, it is essential that we act proactively to manage the common consequences of large-scale or cross-border crises as best as possible. This cooperation between the Benelux countries is mainly rooted in the Benelux Convention on Cross-Border Crisis Management.

  • Optimise mutual information sharing in times of crisis and beyond
  • Cross-border crisis management for major disasters (train accidents, storms etc.)
  • Educating the public in emergency situations (warnings, use of social media etc.)

Creation of the Network of Directors-General of European Centres for Crisis Management to share expertise and experience

Constructive safety cooperation can only be guaranteed through continuous mutual exchange of expertise and experience. That is why the Benelux Union took the initiative to create the Network of Directors-General of European Centres for Crisis Management. This network has several objectives, such as staying actively informed in the event of an international crisis or sharing existing expertise and experience to guarantee the safety of citizens as best as possible.

Working together to improve our resilience during health crises

The coronavirus pandemic dramatically changed the certainties and habits of our daily lives. We were suddenly faced with an entirely new health situation. Unfortunately, other major epidemics are likely to follow, so we need to prepare as best as we can, including in border regions.

Better cooperation in combating pandemics and other health challenges can be guaranteed by:

  • an early warning system between countries, backed by coordinated contingency plans
  • solidarity between neighbouring regions, as was the case at the height of the coronavirus crisis. This may take the form of transferring patients or donating equipment and medicines. Doing so enabled us to avoid overloading the emergency services at the height of the crisis and allowed patients to receive better care
  • international cooperation to procure equipment and build resilient strategic stocks for the future

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