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The circular transition is an essential prerequisite for more sustainable economic growth, while establishing sustainable ecosystems is becoming crucial to our wellbeing. The realisation of these objectives plays a key role in the socio-economic developments of tomorrow.

The circular economy is all about reducing waste, and giving waste a second life in general. Recycling sustainable materials serves as just one example. It has been clear for some time that this new form of economy is gaining momentum. Ecosystems are an integral part of the natural environment. They are absolutely essential in areas such as food, water, timber, air quality and the fight against rising water levels.

Replacing the linear economy with a circular one

Our market economy and consumption patterns have brought us much prosperity. At the same time, they are gradually leading to the depletion of our resources, all while generating waste and carbon emissions, decreasing biodiversity and augmenting water shortages and natural disasters. The circular economy offers a way to slow down this cycle through a change in mentality among consumers and producers. The Benelux countries are committed to the transition to a circular economy by focusing on projects such as:

  • waste management or recycling, for example by not seeing waste paper as waste, but as a raw material instead
  • recycling of construction and demolition waste
  • repairability of products such as mobile phones, coffee machines and refrigerators
  • facilitating the transition through education and awareness-raising

Harmonise Benelux legislation to better protect biodiversity

Nature has no respect for artificial, man-made borders. As such, our Benelux initiatives to protect species are aimed at promoting solutions across borders. This includes the coordination and adaptation of Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg legislation on species and nature protection, covering the conservation, management and restoration of the natural environment and landscape.

Cooperation between the Benelux countries currently focuses on the following themes:

  • survival of fish populations in Benelux river basins
  • protection of groundwater in border regions
  • control of invasive non-native species, one of the main causes of global biodiversity decline
  • the opening and closing of the hunting season

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