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Recognition of degrees, sustainable and environmentally focused education — the list goes on. The Benelux countries are joining forces to deliver the best possible education for their citizens.

The Benelux Union is convinced that open borders in education must go hand in hand with access to education, recognition of degrees and geographical mobility of people in education, be that schooling for our young people, higher education or lifelong learning.

Automatic recognition of degrees

The Benelux is addressing the concerns of our future generations, such as the professional mobility of young people, through a wide range of initiatives. In the field of education, the Benelux was able to lead the way as early as 2015 by achieving automatic mutual level recognition of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, with associate degrees and doctorates added to the list in 2018.

Beyond our borders: agreements with the Baltic states

Ever since a treaty to that effect was signed in September 2021, the automatic recognition of higher education degrees between the three Benelux countries has been extended those obtained in the three Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The six countries currently form the only region in the European Higher Education Area where degrees are automatically recognised, with the ambition that other countries will follow suit.

In specific terms, this results in instant administrative simplification:

  • recognition without lengthy administrative procedures
  • procedures that are free of charge
  • validation of degrees to work or continue one’s education in one of the member states

Transition to a sustainable society through education and awareness-raising

Nature and Environment Education (NEE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) both aim to make young people and adults aware of sustainability challenges our society faces, and encourage them to change their behaviour and conduct themselves as responsible citizens. The Benelux countries are working together closely in this field, and many organisations active in the field of NEE and ESD are offering training, activities, projects or campaigns. Through this initiative, the Benelux countries are proving once again that they are capable of taking the lead within the European Union.

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