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Adapting to
climate change

Intensification and expansion of joint initiatives to accelerate the transition

The challenges posed by climate change extend far beyond our borders and directly affect our daily lives. The current energy crisis should be seized as an opportunity to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources — an absolutely crucial development for our planet.

Stepping up European ambitions to accelerate the energy transition

Given the new geopolitical realities of the energy market, we need to greatly accelerate the transition to clean energy. Doing so will help reduce Europe’s energy dependence on unreliable suppliers and leave us less dependent on fossil fuels. At the same time, shifting towards clean energy will enable us to take important measures to limit global warming. The new Benelux Climate Platform contributes to this by promoting regional cooperation so we can address cross-border issues jointly and effectively.

Sharing expertise on climate adaptation

The Benelux region faces threats at various levels as a result of the effects of climate change. As such, it is essential that the member countries act together.

The Climate Platform aims to bring together the existing expertise in Benelux in order to serve as an additional impetus to knowledge exchange and development. The following projects, among others, may guide our decisions:

  • climate adaptation and mitigation
  • climate financing
  • equitable transition
  • sustainable agriculture

A platform to give young people a voice in the climate debate

Climate change is an issue affecting all generations, especially young people, whose future is being decided today. For that reason, the Benelux Union has decided to give all young people a voice, so that we can take into account their proposals for a green and sustainable society:

  • In cooperation with the Benelux Parliament, the Secretariat-General of the Benelux has organised two meetings of the Benelux Youth Parliament in recent years, which brings together young people from the three countries to offer a platform to discuss climate challenges together and draft policy recommendations for governments.
  • Recently, the Benelux Youth Parliament adopted three resolutions on the energy market and hydrogen, sustainable mobility and an equitable transition.

Displaying unity at UN climate summit

To proving that the Benelux countries speak with one voice on climate issues, they are sharing a pavilion with the European Investment Bank at the United Nations climate summit (COP). COP is an event at which political declarations are signed, while also serving as an informal venue for partners to meet and exchange thoughts. Countries, regions, NGOs, young people, scientists and artists all have the opportunity to network and host an event programme at COP.

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