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The Benelux transport and logistics market faces major efficiency and sustainability challenges. The Benelux Union is actively involved in promoting zero-emission mobility and providing the necessary infrastructure.

The Benelux countries are the most densely populated area in Europe, with a very high level of economic activity. These factors are driving governments and transport companies to innovate and be creative when it comes to promoting sustainable mobility for citizens and businesses and avoiding unnecessary damage to the world we live in. To this end, the Benelux Union is committed to cross-border cooperation on mobility and the promotion of zero-emission vehicles.

Encouraging bicycle use and strengthening cycling infrastructure

When it comes to protecting the environment, the bicycle — which was very popular in coronavirus times — remains the best means of transport by some margin Cycling is not only essential to meet EU climate targets by 2050, but also has a positive impact on public health and the economy. Cycling in Europe generates 150 billion euros, 90 billion euros of which go towards the environment, health and our mobility systems. The cycling industry creates hundreds of thousands of jobs and the income from cycling tourism in the EU is estimated at 44 billion euros a year.

With that in mind, the Benelux Union actively encourages the development of safe and sustainable cycling infrastructure as part of the European Green Deal:

  • expansion of cycle path networks
  • promotion of cycling campaigns
  • introduction of bike-sharing systems.

Smooth electric driving

An electric vehicle is an excellent choice for the environment. But how can you be sure you will be able to charge it when travelling abroad? Too often, it can be difficult to find the right information about the location, availability and cost of charging points abroad. And what about paying? National payment cards or applications are not always accepted abroad.

To encourage cross-border driving and charging, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have set up a joint service called IDRO (Benelux ID Registration Organisation). Through its website, IDRO issues unique identifiers for Charging Point Operators (CPOs) and Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) in the Benelux.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS): a door-to-door solution

As a public transport user today, you expect a door-to-door mobility solution: it should be easy to access travel information and buy tickets for your entire journey. During your trip, it shouldn’t be a hassle to switch from one mode of transport to another. What’s more, border crossings should no longer present an obstacle to efficient use of public transport.

The Benelux MaaS project, supported by several regions in Benelux and North Rhine-Westphalia, aims to develop solutions in this field. The project aims to develop a single platform for booking, validation and proof or payment for all types of public transport.

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