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Where everything comes together: the Secretariat-General of the Benelux Union

The Secretariat-General is the centrepiece of cooperation within the Benelux Union. The Benelux Union is a pioneer in cross-border cooperation, a model for regional integration and a testing ground for European cooperation, both as a precursor to European policy and as a complement to it.

A sought-after interlocutor with wide-ranging expertise

Over the years, the Secretariat-General has developed considerable expertise in cross-border cooperation. As such, it has become a highly regarded entity that — for a number of good reasons — is also in demand as an interlocutor outside of the Benelux:

A special role at the European level

The Secretariat-General holds a unique position under Article 350 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It may propose and monitor the implementation of legal instruments, such as treaties, decrees and recommendations, that are specific to the Benelux Union.

Enthusiastic experts from all three countries

The staff at the Secretariat-General possess extensive and varied knowledge of specific topics. They know how the political and decision-making processes work in each of the member countries, and they apply this knowledge with enthusiasm and pragmatism.

The experts know what matters most when it comes to working together and are happy to share their knowledge with others. They are impartial, they work hard to bridge differences of opinion, political differences and language and cultural barriers, and they take into account national and regional sensitivities.

Decisive and result-oriented

The Secretariat-General ensures projects and legal instruments are implemented consistently. Its staff use their experience to support the partners in their work, to encourage or accelerate the relevant processes, and to monitor progress.

Accessible, clear and varied

The Secretariat-General has an efficient and accessible structure. Finding the right person to contact is easy, and short internal lines of communication enable it to make decisions quickly. Moreover, its staff have access to an extensive network of external partners and experts in the three countries and beyond. That way, additional specialist knowledge can be called upon if necessary.

The College of the Secretariat-General of the Benelux (consisting of two deputy secretaries-general and one secretary-general) acts quickly and effectively towards stakeholders in the three countries, including at an administrative (political) level.