Cross-border working with complete peace of mind in terms of legal, tax and social security arrangements

Are you one of the thousands of cross-border workers constantly commuting between two Benelux countries?

Cross-border workers living and working in two different countries work are sometimes left in the dark as to which social security and tax arrangements apply to them. The Benelux Union offers support in this field by providing answers to your most pressing questions.

Our “Starting point for cross-border workers” digital portal brings together various sources of information on one platform. With the help of external partners, the portal offers cross-borders workers in the Benelux and North Rhine-Westphalia all the information they need in a nutshell. Useful information on employment contracts, taxes, health insurance, pensions and so on is collected in seven brochures available in digital formats.

What’s more, the digital information brochures for cross-border workers, employers and professionals in the sector are regularly updated by the Secretariat-General in cooperation with the relevant ministries and agencies in the three countries. These brochures are designed to facilitate cross-border mobility and expedite the related administrative procedures.

You can download the brochures for free here.