North Seas Countries’ Offshore Grid Initiative




         Workshop on

Market arrangements and Cost allocation

         The 3rd of September 2014



Countries.pngThe   North Seas Countries’ Offshore Grid Initiative is a regional cooperation of  10 countries to facilitate the coordinated development of a possible offshore   electricity grid in the greater North Sea area. It seeks to maximize the   efficient and economic use of the renewable energy resources as well as   infrastructure investments. This cooperation, formalized by a Memorandum of   Understanding in 2010 (video) , following a Political Declaration in 2009, is supported by the   energy ministries, the regulators and transmission system operators of the 10   participating countries, and the European Commission.






NSCOGI   is subdivided in Working Groups, concerning Grid configuration (Working Group 1), Regulatory issues (Working Group 2) and Planning and Permitting (Working Group 3) and steered by a Programme Board.




To date, they have published the   following results:




NSCOGI 2013/14 progress report

NSCOGI 2012 report

NSCOGI 2011 report


Market arrangements (31 July 2014)

Cost allocation (31 July 2014)

North Seas Grid Study (16 November 2012)

Market arrangements under the virtual case study ( 8 November 2012)

Offshore Technology Report (16 October 2012)

Regulatory benchmark ( 13 January 2012)

Recommendations for guiding principles for the development of integrated offshore cross-border infrastructure (23 November 2012)

Procedural guidelines as a recommendation to national competent authorities (21 November 2012)




The Benelux Secretariat facilitates this cooperation. It also offers the neutral platform for   cooperation of the North Seas Countries’ Offshore Grid Initiative.

For more information regarding the Benelux General Secretariat :

Frederik Deloof - +32 25 19 38 23


 PowerPoint Presentations 

The reality of the North Sea offshore grid

- What will the Offshore Grid look like?

- An industry’s perspective on reducing the costs

- Case Study: how does the grid take place in german and dutch waters"


Mr R. Schroeder, ENTSO-E

Mr A. Stouge, Sea Star Alliance

Alan Croes, Tennet TSO

The regulatory framework for the offshore grid

How is the offshore grid managed from a market and regulatory point of view?

Case study: First steps towards an integrated offshore grid


Sue Harrison, UK Department for   Energy & Climate Change
 Joris Gazendam, Synergies@Sea

Less paperwork     for better grids

- Improving local acceptance for grid development and speeding up permitting   procedures: some practical tools and experiences

- Case study: opportunities for a special legal status compared to   harmonization of rules


Antina Sander, Renewables Grid Initiative

Martha Roggenkamp,Groningen Research Centre of Energy and Climate Law

- The missing links and possibilities for further harmonization of procedures

- The role of the European Parliament in the North Seas development

 Marta Navarrete, Friends of the   Supergrid

Claude Turmes, MEP, Chairman EUFORES



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